how to choose betting shop

Afraid that your first experience in sports betting will end up in lost money due to bookmaker scammers? It is possible. But if you know what to look out for when choosing a bookmaker, you are more likely to never be cheated.

Knowing how to choose a bookmaker is especially important for a beginner. So let’s get it straight.

Reliability of a bookmaker’s office

The most important factor, which is universal for all categories of players, is the reliability of the bookmaker’s office. You should only entrust your money to trustworthy companies. How to choose a legitimate online bookmaker’s office?

First, read the reviews of other players and evaluation. Recommended betting companies include betting shops with ratings of 5 and 4. A rating of 3 is not a sentence for a bookmaker. All betting companies are included here when they are added to the rating, and the score is subsequently refined. Still, you should treat these companies with caution: their reliability is either insufficient, or there is little information about them.

always check the bookmaker’s licence!

Secondly, pay attention to the age and reputation (fame) of the office. If a betting company has been around for a long time, this usually indicates that it has managed to get on its feet and is reliable.

Just because you often hear the name of the company, it does not mean that it is as solid as a Swiss bank. It may be a one-day office which has splurged on advertising on social networks and online film sites.

The breadth of the line, the coverage and the odds

Another important factor when choosing a office is the breadth of the line. This is the number of sporting events you can bet on. This parameter is becoming more and more flexible, because new offers are appearing in the bookmakers’ lines. Previously we might have been surprised by some exotic sports and bets on US election results, but now it is normal. Of course, most punters don’t need that kind of extravagance at all. Popular sports are present at absolutely all bookmakers. The choice of office on this parameter is purely individual and depends on the preferences of the player himself. However, if you are interested in betting on eSports, then the availability of the required disciplines, tournaments and even matches becomes decisive.

The best thing to do is to find your own middle ground among the reliable bookmakers – the one that will provide you with the right sporting events and betting options at reasonably high odds.

A similar approach should be applied to the line-up of events betting. The spreadsheet is a list of all the bets which the bookmaker offers you in any given event. Generally, bookmakers try to give a lavish spread to every match in order to meet the needs of every punter.

Account currencies and withdrawal options

What currency should I choose? This and other questions you have to ask yourself before you start playing. Account currency, number of deposit and withdrawal options, speed of withdrawals, and commission are all extremely important. It is better to open an account in the currency you use in your everyday life and in which you have your card.

Mobile website and app of BK

Being the lucky owner of a smartphone or tablet, you will surely want to bet on your device. But not all bookmakers still have a mobile version or app

Bonuses and promotions

From bargain prices, we move smoothly on to another factor that we pay attention to not only when choosing a bookmaker’s office – bonuses and promotions. We often hear opinions that bookmakers’ bonuses are a useless and even negative thing, a weapon of bookmakers. Such opinions are unfair to all players. The reason they have the same reason: the conditions of a particular bonus do not match a person’s usual way of playing.

when choosing an office with bonuses, opt for terms that suit your style of play, and don’t sacrifice credibility for the sake of bonuses.

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